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  Background and Objective
To encourage local companies to enhance their product and service quality standards, the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council (in short "The Council") has established the Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Testing & Service Standard Upgrade Support Scheme (in short "The Support Scheme"). The Support Scheme provides up to HK$20,000 on testing fee and consultancy service upgrade for each Hong Kong registered company that is a first time applicant of either the Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme (in short "Q-Mark Product Scheme") or the Hong Kong Q-Mark Service Scheme (in short "Q-Mark Service Scheme").

Scope and Form of Support
The Scheme supports first time applicants of either the Q-Mark Product Scheme or the Q-Mark Service Scheme.


  • First time applicant of the Support Scheme and the Hong Kong Q-Mark Product / Service Schemes. (Resubmission of application to the support scheme is not allowed.)
  • Companies with Hong Kong Business Registration (i.e. enterprises registered under the Business Registration Ordinance - Chapter 310).
  • At least in substantive business operation for 2 years.
  • The applicant's production plant or service location must be located in Hong Kong, Mainland China or Macau.
  • Applied product or service scope must be within the technical capability and / or accepted by the Council.

Selection Criteria of the Support Scheme

  • On a first-come-first-served basis.
  • There will be a project committee to review all the applications. The committee which oversees the selection criteria shall have absolute discretion to accept or reject an application.