25 May 2020
  Q-Mark Certification for First Batch of 5 Hong Kong-made Face Masks Set to Increase Consumers’ Confidence
14 Jan 2020
  Chic Hong Kong – Guangzhou (Chinese Only)
27 Sep 2019
  Q-Mark 41st Anniversary cum Presentation Ceremony
15 Aug 2019
  Q-Mark - Food Expo 2019
22 Jun 2019
  Q-mark Roadshow 2019
8 May 2019
  Delegation from Guangdong Provincial People’s Government (Chinese Only)
27 Sep 2018
  Q-Mark 40th Anniversary cum Presentation Ceremony
27 Aug 2018
  Q-Mark 40th Anniversary – Mooncake Media Briefing
18 Aug 2018
  Q-Mark - Food Expo 2018
29 Jun 2018
  Q-Mark 40th Anniversary -- Roadshow
19 Jan 2018
  Hong Kong Q-Mark Council signs MOU with Macau partners
6 Dec 2017
  Q-Mark Business Networking
27 Sep 2017
  Q-Mark 39th Anniversary cum Presentation Ceremony
19 Aug 2017
  Q-Mark - Food Expo 2017
16 May 2017
  Q-Mark Business Networking
6 Apr 2017
  Hong Kong Q-Mark Council visited the Industrial Association of Macau
13 Jan 2017
  Hong Kong Q-Mark Pavilion at the Good Goods 2016 Showcasing Q-Mark Holders’ Designer Products, 23 Dec 2016-8 Jan 2017
28 Sep 2016
  Q-Mark 38th Anniversary cum Presentation Ceremony
25 Aug 2016
  Media Tour to Po Sum On’s Factory on 25 August 2016
13 Aug 2016
  Q-Mark at Hong Kong Food Expo 2016
24 Jun 2016
  Six Key Factors on Essential Requirements of Quality Products Press Conference on Survey Results
7 Jun 2016
  “Q-Mark Slogan King Contest” Workshop (Chinese Only)
18 Jan 2016
  Roadshow Best Loved Brands Awards Presentation 2015
3 Dec 2015
  Officials from “Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality” visited the HK Q-Mark Council
26 Nov 2015
  ISO/TC 176 Gala Dinner
20 Nov 2015
  2015 Hong Kong Q-Mark Quality-Life Carnival
17 Sep 2015
  Q-Mark Participated in "In Style-Hong Kong" Jakarta, Indonesia
27 Aug 2015
  Q-Mark 37th Anniversary cum Presentation Ceremony (Chinese Only)
14 Jul 2015
  Delegation from Qinghai Province Administration for Industry visited Hong Kong Q-Mark Council (Chinese only)
7 May 2015
  Seminar on "Hong Kong Q-Mark Support Scheme and How Online Shopping Platform JD.com Enhances Sales in China" (Chinese only)
5 May 2015
  Free Q-Mark egg tart given out to Hong Kong People
(Chinese Only)
25 Apr 2015
  Q-Mark Products Parading at the Shenzhen Houseware Fair
(Chinese only)
15 Apr 2015
  Officials from “Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Guangdong Province” visited the HK Q-Mark Council
26 Nov 2014
  Hong Kong Q-Mark Support Scheme cum Tsit Wing Success Story and Coffee/Tea Sharing (Chinese only)
20 Oct 2014
  Prize Quiz on “Hong Kong Q-Mark Support Scheme”(Chinese only)
2 Sep 2014
  Q-Mark 36th Anniversary cum Licence Presentation Ceremony
16 Aug 2014
  Q-Mark Parent-Kid Chef Cooking Contest Concludes Successfully
17 Jun 2014
  Hong Kong Q-Mark Support Scheme cum Ways to unlock the doors to China market with Success (Chinese only)
27 May 2014
  Quiz Game on “How well do you know your Q-Mark?” (Chinese only)
27 Feb 2014
  Hong Kong Q-Mark Support Scheme Seminar : Experience Sharing on How to Successfully Enter Mainland Market, by "Welhome" and "New World iMedia" (Chinese only)
4 Nov 2013
  The Official Launch of the Hong Kong Q-Mark Support Scheme cum Seminar on "Product and Service Quality Enhancement and How to Successfully Enter the China Market" (Application form) (Chinese only)
19 Aug 2013
  Q-Mark Parent-Kid Chef Contest,Final 2013 (Chinese only)
15 Aug 2013
  Hong Kong Food Expo 2013 (Chinese only)
23 Jun 2013
  Q-Mark Kids Contest, Final 2013 (Chinese only)
21 Jun 2013
  35th Anniversary Celebration of Hong Kong Q-Mark, 2013 Q-Mark Quality-Life Carnival (Chinese only)
19 Apr 2013
  Launch Ceremony of the 35th Anniversary of Q-Mark (Chinese only)