Q-mark Council
  Chairman’s  Message

The Hong Kong Q-Mark Council, established under the auspices of the FHKI in 1978, is a pioneer that urges high-quality products and services. Through the Hong Kong Q-Mark Schemes, the Council encourages local industry players to strive towards high quality, high value-added, and to develop their own brands.

The Schemes offer opportunities for companies to improve their internal processes during the course of certification, and to identify their strengths and weaknesses, thereby enhance the quality of their products, services and green initiatives, and thus their competitiveness.

The Q-Mark Schemes are one of the highest accolades in the local market, and they consist of four types, the Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme, the Hong Kong Q-Mark Service Scheme, the Hong Kong Q-Mark Service (Cyan) Scheme and the Hong Kong Green Mark Certification Scheme. Companies with operations in Hong Kong, the Mainland and Macau are eligible to apply to any one of the Schemes.

Furthermore, the Council has made substantial progress in further enhancing the certification standard of the Q-Mark brand through establishment of another scheme called the Hong Kong Q-Mark Food Certification Scheme. The Scheme was approved by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) in May 2014. We are honoured to become the first organization that has obtained such accreditation on food (sauce) from HKAS.

I look forward to have more companies to apply for the Q-Mark Schemes and to upgrade their quality standard for market competitiveness.

Anthony Lam
Hong Kong Q-Mark Council
Federation of Hong Kong Industries