Q-mark Council

The Hong Kong Q-Mark Council was established by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries in 1978 to pioneer quality and best practice in Hong Kong. Its main objective is to enhance the product, service and environmental standards of companies through its Q-Mark schemes. A number of prominent Industrialists, as well as academia, sit on the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council, which has its own secretariat and is responsible for its daily operation.

Since the inception of the Council, it has witnessed dramatic changes in consumer demands. Customers these days are better educated, affluent and concerned about the environment. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, they demand products and services that have guaranteed quality and are environmentally friendly.

To provide consumers with a comprehensive choice of superior quality and environmentally friendly products and services, the Council has launched different certification schemes to suit various needs – the Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme, the Hong Kong Q-Mark Service Scheme, the Hong Kong Q-Mark Service (Cyan) Scheme and the Hong Kong Green Mark Certification Scheme. These schemes offer consumers the confidence when making purchases. Since all products and services with displayed Q-Mark labels are audited by the Council on a regular basis, the stringent quality and environmental requirements of the Q-Mark schemes are ensured.


Enhanced Company Image
A company with a Q-Mark certification has the confidence of customers because its products or services are audited by a third party certification body. This helps to ensure quality excellence on an on-going basis, and sets product or service standards above that of its competitors.

The Hong Kong Q-Mark Council assists Q-Mark companies to promote their products or services through the annual Q-Mark Licence Presentation Ceremony, different media including on-line and off-line channels etc.

The Q-Mark Scheme serves as a valuable tool in motivating staff, as the products they make or services they provide carry the added distinction of a publicly recognised quality mark.

Quality Improvement
The Council's technical staff pays regular visits to Q-Mark certified companies to advise them on quality improvement.

Other Information
The Hong Kong Q-Mark Council has established (i) Quality Policy and (ii) Procedures to ensure fair handling of complaints and disputes brought by certificate holders, applicants or other interested parties. Please approach the Council directly for the detailed information.