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Hong Kong Q-Mark Food Certification Schemes

The Hong Kong Q-Mark Food Certification Schemes are administered by the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council under the auspices of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. The operation of the schemes is financed mainly by revenue arising from certification and maintenance processes. Furthermore, it is the Council’s policy to place the utmost importance on the integrity, impartiality, potential conflicts of interests and non-discrimination in carrying out the certification activities.

The schemes are an independent product certification program and accredited by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) under the Hong Kong Certification Body Accreditation Scheme (HKCAS). The schemes are product certification scheme type 5 as refer to ISO/IEC 17067 and in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065.

The Hong Kong Q-Mark Council has established procedures to ensure fair handling of complaints and disputes brought by certificate holders, applicants or other interested parties, and to allow them an avenue of appeal. Please approach the Council directly for the detailed information.

Other Information
The following information is also available in this web-site:

  1. Rights and duties of applicants and certificate holders, including requirements, restrictions or limitations on the use of the logo and marks and ways of referring to the certification granted;
  2. Fee Structure;
  3. Directory of Certified Products;
  4. Rules & Regulations for the Certification, including evaluation procedures, procedures for granting, for maintaining, for extending or reducing the scope of, for suspending, for withdrawing or for refusing certification.

Please contact the secretariat of the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council at 2732 3195 for details.