Q-Mark Certification for First Batch of 5 Hong Kong-made Face Masks Set to Increase Consumers’ Confidence
Hong Kong Q-Mark Council (“Q-Mark Council”) of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (“FHKI”) awarded Q-Mark licences to 5 locally produced face masks on 25 May 2020. They are the first batch of face masks made by commercial organisations to be given Q-Mark certification. The certification serves to confirm these face masks have attained specific standards and is expected to increase consumers’ confidence as they purchase face masks to fight the epidemic.

The 5 Q-Mark licensees are: Sinopharm Tech Holdings Ltd, SDL Skin (Asia) Ltd, Ming Fai Enterprise International Co Ltd, International Resources (China) Group Ltd, and CareHK Ltd. The 5 face masks manufactured by these 5 licencees respectively have been confirmed by Q-Mark Council that they meet a number of standards in terms of fluid penetration, bacterial filtration efficiency, differential pressure, flammability and hygiene. Q-Mark Council has also sent an auditor to inspect their factories to ensure the quality of the production process. Besides, regular factory assessments and product tests will be conducted to ensure the consistent quality of the face masks.

“We welcome any interested face mask manufacturers to apply for the certification so as to provide more choices for the public. The fact that all 5 face masks are made in Hong Kong has demonstrated the importance of local industries. We hope this will help boost the future of re-industrialisation in Hong Kong,” said FHKI Chairman Dr Daniel Yip. Q-Mark Council Vice-Chairman Mr Sunny Tan pointed out, “Consumers find it difficult to verify the accuracy of the labelled information and hesitate to make a purchase decision. The Q-Mark label on the packaging of certified face masks will help people distinguish them from other brands, and is certain to enhance their confidence.”