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The Hong Kong STEM Mark Scheme

Since the 2015 Policy Address, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government has been promoting STEM education to cultivate students' interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The objective is to nurture their creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills to meet the demands of future innovation and a pioneering spirit.

However, many STEM educators feel that their knowledge and experience in STEM are either general or insufficient, and they express a desire for more training and support, both in terms of hardware and software.

The Hong Kong STEM Mark Scheme was launched in 2023. It aims to standardize the evaluation of STEM products and provide higher product quality assurance for STEM product developers to help the industry and consumers identify or judge the performance and quality of STEM products. Companies engaged in STEM products are welcome to apply.

Assessment aspects include the following 3 categories

  1. Assessment and scoring of STEM literacy achievable through product usage -Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.
  2. Assessment and scoring of product characteristics found in the product - Functionality, Resources / Accessories, Materials, Manufacturing and Quality, Safety and Reliability etc.
  3. Assessment and scoring of general abilities acquired after using the product - Critical thinking, Communication skills, Creativity, Collaboration skills, Problem-solving skills, Data literacy, Computer and information technology literacy, Proactiveness, Curiosity, Resilience, Adaptability, Leadership skills, Social and cultural awareness.

The fee is HK$800 per application. For STEM Mark assessment, please visit https://bit.ly/application_stemmark
For further information, please contact the secretariat of the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council at 2732 3195.